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What is WEB 2.0

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Tweets twits facebook social media ranking share links blog chat mobile phone applications and the tools list goes on.

Ever hear of the watch and the watch maker analogy for God? Web 2.0 is like that. The parts all in place do not make the end product. The thing is more than the sum of the parts. Have you ever heard of ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE? Pirsig wrote a cool story about motorcycles and road-trips.

It all boils down to #Quality. Quality is what make the sum of the whole bigger than the sum of the parts. Quality is #Soul. Soul is what makes people different from non-people. The differentiators are more than the details.

Does this sound a bit Jedi Knight like? A bit Buddhist-tic? Well it kindof is.

WEB 2.0 isĀ  when the people looking at content, can share the content to other places of their choosing which becomes a viral marketing asset. WEB 2.0 is when people who are moved by your content can chat almost real time with others about it in the web space, places like chat boards, social media locations like FaceBook, and share/broadcast interest on Twitter. WEB 2.0 is giving the tools to the people who are looking at your content, so the people can take action. Now, not all action is happy and shinny sometime one invites pie in the face, rocks to the glass house, and mud in the eye moments.

I have heard it said… and referred to as ‘let the wookie win.’

This all still sounds like a lot of the hype, put the tools links the logos out there and you have WEB 2.0 yes? No.

Sorry folks, it is still the content. The content is king, the content that gets people excited enough to link share or comment is the 80% but the 20% that is still needed to make your stuff become WEB 2.0, take notes here, you have to keep the momentum going and not delay or get in the way.

If you are basing your strategy on WEB 2.0 as a marketing model… you have to micro manage your cats and your PR and your buzz and for each content set, have a plan of viral marketing push out to your favorites list to your champions to your biggest fans and yes even your biggest detractors… let the #Devils-Advocate get copy… press is press coverage is coverage and buzz is buzz.

So the Quality? the Soul? the Zen? The secret is you do not have complete control. You can not pre-concieve what you want it to look like what you are searching for… or it will never happen. You have to let the wookie win. For the parts to be greater than the sum of the parts, you have to release the cats, light the wild fire, jump off the cliff and have Faith that you can handle the next thing that happens.

WEB 2.0 is people INTERACTING with people because they are excited. The ability to share that excitement is WEB 2.0. It is not the tool, it is more than the tool.

One has to follow the recipe and then add a certain flair and get on the Group W bench and see if the soufle’ rises.

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