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Microsoft Access Performance issues

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How-to articles - Performance

Information about query performance in an Access database
Describes the tips and the techniques that you can use to improve the performance of your queries in Access 2000 databases, in Access 2002 databases, and in Access 2003 databases.
How to keep a Jet 4.0 database in top working condition
By default, Microsoft Jet is the database engine that is used in Microsoft Access. This article describes best practices that you can use to help keep your Jet database in top working condition. This article describes databases that are running in…
Defragment and compact database to improve performance
Explains that you can defragment your hard disk and compact your database to imporve the performance of Microsoft Access


These are an example of searching for ways to optimize an Access Application for a client. The location to goto and search Microsoft for information? That place is known as the Microsoft Knowledge Base ( and can be very helpful. It also can be very confusing. The reason is partially due to asking the right questions sysndrome. I have seen people spend most of a day trying to find answers at the big M and not find really what they needed.

One trick is to GOOGLE a little first. ( By doing this you are actually looking for hints on how to phrase your question. Put in all the words you think may work, see what you get. Put in two words, see what you get. Put in three words, try that. Keep in mind that your goal is to find out how to ‘ask the question.’

Now, you may find your answer on Google, and or you may find links back to Microsoft’s Knowledge Base. The key here is to try different angles to the same problem.

You will get the best results that way.


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