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Maps the interface of the future

Filed under: — Justin Mead @ 11:40 am

There is a growing trend to use maps as the interface for many things. Such as Nextel ( ) phones having integrated partnerships with GPS and AVL solutions




Articles such as (,70020-0.html? that talk about the reality of satellite images being darn crisp, about Amazon and msn maps having links to ground based images of streets where the whole interface is likely to overtake the yellow page reality.

Services like FRAPPER that allow you to link things directly into the map points, whether it is research sites, business units, competition, or people who like to ride mountain bikes… this is all possible and just a click away where as five years ago, took a lot of integration with ESRI tools and map layers…

There will be a growing trend to localize how people find or list the services they offer. So if you are a Therapist, muffler shop, custom printing, or any kind of business… if you are the first one to get listed on these sites or incorporate your online presence with map interfaces…

You will have a competitive advantage for a while and that is good.

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